Creed Ford III started the Fired Up Foundation in 1997 with the focus on being able to give back to the communities that have supported his business and his family over the years. The goal was simple: focus its efforts on organizations that positively impact the lives of children and others that need our help. From hunger relief to rare disease medical research to after school programs, the foundation has donated over $3,000,000 to various causes since the beginning.

After the passing of Creed Ford III in 2018 and restructuring of several businesses, the Fired Up Foundation is now known as the The C3 Legacy Foundation and we are still going strong.

With our new name, welcomes a new mission; which is, to support children and special-needs based causes through direct donations and volunteerism, and will also promote the idea of giving to today's youth, all in the spirit and legacy of Creed Ford III.

They been a valuable partner to Autism Speaks and all families touched by autism for many years. Their continuous hard work and selfless dedication demonstrates the commitment to our communities, and we at Autism Speaks are humbled and honored by Johnny Carino’s and the Fired Up Foundation.
— Sara Rankin Wilson, Autism Speaks, 2015

What We've Achieved

  • The majority of our funds are raised through our annual Golf and Gambling fundraising event. 

  • Through our partnership with Round It Up America, our guests can get involved by “round up” their bill to the nearest dollar (or more if they desire). Those funds go towards the Fired Up Foundation to help support our ongoing efforts.

  • Our local restaurant teams are active in supporting local charities in their communities through fundraisers and volunteering their time. 

  • We recently added all of the Tc4 & Co. restaurants as partners in fundraising. Beginning in the second half of 2016, all Tc4 & Co. restaurants will have incorporated Round It Up America, raising funds for the Fired Up Foundation, and supporting it’s mission. More about Tc4 & Co. can be found at http://tc4.co